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Pan do Mar

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Pan Do Mar - sustainable canned fish and seafood

Pan do Mar offers canned fish and seafood from sustainable and controlled fisheries with oils, sauces and marinades made with ingredients from organic agriculture.


The name under which we market our products, "Pan Do Mar",accurately reflects the history and working philosophy of our company, which is manufacture based on the rational and sustainable harvesting of the marine resources.

The products we offer under the "Pan Do Mar" brand name are therefore based on the following basic principles:

- The fishing is done with inshore craft (coastal fishing) typical of the local communities and their deep-rooted family
   traditions of fishing and seamanship, using customary non-depredatory fishing tackle.

- The volume of the catches, their sizes and the tackle used are regulated and inspected by the relevant official

- The entire fishing and production chain is fully traceable and Certified.

The same standards are applied to the selection of the accompanying ingredients: extra virgin olive oils, vegetables,
spices, vinegar and wines for the sauces, all drawn from Spanish organic agriculture.



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