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While “classic” dry pasta is produced from durum wheat semolina, gluten-free noodles can be made in
several ways. One of those ways is to use starch as an alternative to durum wheat. This pasta is more
neutral in taste and provides the body with fast, but unfortunately non-sustainable energy; and it has
another crucial disadvantage - it is low on nutrients.

The healthy and sustaining alternative is pasta made from high-grade fl our, e.g. from peeled, germ
removed and ground rice and maize grains or alternatively from buckwheat, as it is made by Schar.
Wholegrain fl our provides noodles with protein, essential fats, fi bres and carbohydrates, which are fi lling
and are stored in muscles and in the liver by the body in the form of glycogen. This pasta is very similar
to traditional durum wheat noodles in terms of nutrition, taste and cooking characteristics.

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