• Femme Organic

    Fed up with an industry overrun by harmful products, Femme Organic was created by an Australian family to promote the importance of high-quality, organic feminine hygiene products. Their goal is to inspire change and empower users by not only providing 100% organic cotton products but also educating with straightforward and honest information regarding menstrual health and safety and ethical industry practices.

  • Flavours of the World

    Food Re-imagined! Flavours of the World offers delicious aromatic foundation spice mixes for you to easily explore the flavours of some of the most loved cuisines of the world.

    We open the doors to the spice route, uncovering all that has shaped the world’s most desired cuisines. With 6 regions to explore our exciting and tasty recipes open up your passport to a world of flavour.

    FOTW all-natural spice mixes deliver the colour, taste and aroma of food from the most exotic corners of the globe. Infuse your culinary creations with extraordinary taste experiences, allowing the magic of cooking to take you away… or bring you closer to home.

  • Frank Simple

    Frank Simple are here to help make sense of the health and wellness misinformation circulating today. Their no-nonsense functional products are crafted in Australia to help fill nutritional gaps and support gut health, immunity, glowing skin and wellbeing.