• Health Discovery

    Health Discovery is a New Zealand owned family business, who’s vision and purpose is to find and celebrate the world’s best natural ingredients with inherent health benefits gifted to us by nature. Our hand crafted nutrient crackers are small powerhouses of nature, simply delicious and highly nutritious. Packed with protein, fibre, healthy fats that the body requires and delicate blends of seeds, herbs and spices. A tasty, crispy snack that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, preservative free and offerings for the paleo and keto diets.

  • Holle

    For over 85 years, Holle have been creating certified organic baby infant formulas and foods, making it one of the first organic baby food manufacturers in Europe.

    Holle is also a Demeter certified company, meaning it only uses superior-quality, Demeter certified milk from cows gazed on biodynamic farms, which is higher in vitamin E and beta carotene than regular milk.

    Biodynamic farmers use an organic approach that harnesses the holistic qualities of their growing cycles. Whether soil, seeds, plants, animals or humans - each element in the agricultural system has its own uniquely important role to play. Each element supports and strengthens the others and in doing so creates a farm that is a natural and self-contained living organism. Demeter agriculture is unique in its consistent and holistic approach because, through its biodynamic growing methods, it gives back to nature more than it takes out.

    Holle is one of the leading Demeter certified baby food manufacturers and has created a line of the purest organic infant baby formulas and organic baby foods including porridges and snacks.

  • Honest Sea

    You won’t be able to get enough of our  organic roasted seaweed snacks and bites  - crunchy, papery thin and delicious!

    This superfood from the sea is an honest tasty snack that packs a punch with nutrients and minerals.

    With a variety of flavours, sizes and products available, they’re the perfect snack for kids and adults. Certified organic and Australian owned, our Honest Sea products are also gluten free, non-GMO and Kosher with some vegan options.

  • Hot Tresses

    Hot Tresses salon quality natural hair care range is designed to rehabilitate your hair by reducing the need for heat styling and cutting out the chemicals. Create hair volume and stimulate hair growth naturally with this Australian owned, vegan and cruelty free hair care brand.

    Our Rehab shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment are sulfate and paraben free and use organic plant-based botanical ingredients like ylang ylang, paw paw and green clay to improve hair quality, strength and shine with every wash. Indigo Babe is perfect to neutralise any brassy blonde and copper tones while providing a nourishing natural hair treatment.