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The Beauty Shake

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Australia’s most researched natural marine collagen peptides with clinically proven benefits for skin health and beauty. 100% Pure Marine Collagen by The Beauty Shake uses trademarked Naticol® marine collagen that is of premium quality and uses a gentle enzymatic process that ensures the finished collagen delivers enhanced efficacy. The type I fish collagen peptides deliver high bioavailability and fast absorption. Naticol® marine collagen is clinically proven to show results from doses as little as 2.5g (1 teaspoon) per day. However, consumption of a higher daily intake of up to 10g delivers quicker results. Benefits are typically observed after 8-12 weeks of uninterrupted daily consumption and include: • Improved skin hydration • Less visible wrinkles • Healthy hair and nails • Improved joint health • Healthy digestion

The Beauty Shake - 100% Pure Marine Collagen 125g
The Beauty Shake - 100% Pure Marine Collagen 125g
Suggested use: dissolve 1 tsp into water, stir into juices, smoothies, tea, coffee or add to yoghurt or porridge.

Dairy Free | Soy Free | Egg Free | Nut Free | Wheat Free | Yeast Free | Gluten Free | Kosher | Corn Free | Rice Free | Salt Free | Lactose Free | Preservative Free | No Added Sugar | GMO Free


100% Naticol® Natural Marine Collagen.
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